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Steel: Green Now, Green Forever

AIA Course Number: GSD08A - 1 AIA HSW CE Hour and/or 1 GBCI CE Hour for LEED Professionals

Learn about the sustainable advantages of building with steel. Discover how specifying steel can contribute to LEED credits as well as compliance with International Green Construction Code (IGCC) requirements.

Learning Objectives


Steel Doors and Frames 101

AIA Course Number: SDI08A - 1 AIA HSW CE Hour

Covers everything you need to know about steel doors and frames. Design professionals will learn how to choose doors with the ideal blend of cost, performance, and appearance for their projects.

Learning Objectives


Fire Rated Door Assemblies: Compliant Designs

AIA Course Number: SDI08C - 1 AIA HSW CE Hour

This one hour course teaches the essentials of fire rated doors, frames, and hardware. Ensure your fire rated openings are compliant by learning about the applicable codes, requirements, and design considerations.

Learning Objectives


Protect People and Property by Specifying Secure Doors and Frames

AIA Course Number: SDI08D - 1 AIA HSW CE Hour

Every type of building requires protection against forced entry – and doors & frames are the first line of defense. Learn about finding the “just right” amount of security for your building projects and how to specify the doors and frames.

Learning Objectives


Specialty Steel Doors: A Primer on Acoustic, Tornado, Stainless Steel, and More

AIA Course Number: SDI08B - 1 AIA HSW CE Hour

The strength of steel doors and frames offers unparalleled performance and protection. Available in stainless steel and faux finishes, they can add a stunning design element too. This course covers what you need to know about the variety of specialty steel doors that are available.

Learning Objectives